My friend’s son has guns

Dear Cary,For the past several years, I’ve ended most weekends with Sunday supper at my friends’ house. She cooks a meal for the three of us, her husband, me and herself. We eat the food. I help clean up.The whole time, we catch up on what may have happened in the past week and what’s coming up in the next week. It’s pleasant.When they were younger, her stepsons were there. As they grew older and developed their own lives and schedules, her stepsons, the younger in his late 20s and the older in his early 30s, now come by occasionally to share the meal.My problem is, I’m becoming afraid of the older stepson. He’s simultaneously shy and grandiose. He’s immature. He doesn’t have many social skills. He recently, a long time after graduating with honors in a liberal arts program, got a pretty good job. So after years of free-floating anger and depression [it seemed to me] and threatening suicide [to his father], his life is improving. He’s happier.So what does he do? He buys an assault rifle.He also has a pistol, which he once brought over to show his father while I was there. He and his brother were drinking beer at the time. I left.Continue Reading…

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My friend’s son has guns

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