Nato 3 seek dismissal of terror charges

c212mf Nato 3 seek dismissal of terror charges

The “Nato 3,” three young men arrested in Chicago ahead of the 2012 NATO summit are asking an Illinois judge to drop their terror charges. The three activists, who have been held without bail since last May, face charges under a never before used Illinois anti-terrorism statute, put in place after 9/11.According to CBS local news, the defendant’s lawyer Michael Deutsch of the National Lawyers Guild filed a motion to have the charges dismissed. He said that state law ought to be thrown out, arguing that the statute is ill-defined and open to politically motivated prosecutions:The statute says terrorism is an intent to intimidate or coerce a significant portion of the civilian population, and what we have alleged is those words coerce or intimidate – without any act of violence – is unconstitutionally vague, which allows for the punishment of First Amendment activity,” he said. “What does it mean to intimidate a significant portion of the civilian population? What is a significant portion, and what is meant by civilian population? All those vague undefined terms allow for the police and the prosecutors to pick and choose who to charge with the most serious prejudicial charges of terrorism.Continue Reading…

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Nato 3 seek dismissal of terror charges

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