Navid Negahban, ‘Homeland’ Actor, Discusses Playing Abu Nazir

Navid Negahban, better known as Abu Nazir to fans of Showtime’s “Homeland,” spoke out on his experiences playing a sought-after terrorist on the hit television show.

Tammy Haddad, who spoke to Negahban for The Huffington Post, asked the actor if he was nervous about taking on the role and the impact it would have on his career.

“When I read the script, I felt that the script was very brave. It’s a script that’s never been done before, the way the character was so multilayered and fascinating, and the way that the character was portrayed as a man, as a human being who’s being put in these situations and he’s just reacting to the given circumstances.”

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Navid Negahban, ‘Homeland’ Actor, Discusses Playing Abu Nazir

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