New York Times: Christine Quinn has a temper

9fc2mf New York Times: Christine Quinn has a temper

In a 1,668 word article sparking an array of reactions, The New York Times on Tuesday digs deep into New York mayoral candidate Christine Quinn’s temper. (It is a very, very bad temper, the article explains.)Reporters Michael Grynbaum and David Chen provide a few lines in the front page story to explain that Rudy Giuliani was also a political hothead and that Republican mayoral candidate Joseph J. Lhota once challenged a 77-year-old Holocaust survivor to “be a man.” The rest of the piece includes passages like this:A session of the New York City Council had descended into chaos, and lawmakers were openly questioning her leadership. Ms. Quinn, the Council speaker, decided there was one person to blame: Betsy Gotbaum, then the city’s public advocate, who had been presiding. The response was sudden and fierce. Ms. Quinn summoned Ms. Gotbaum to an office nearby and, with little warning, began shouting at her in increasingly angry tones about appearing weak in front of other lawmakers. “You were like Bambi in there!” Ms. Quinn exclaimed, slamming her hand on a table for emphasis, according to Ms. Gotbaum, who was on crutches at the time.Continue Reading…

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New York Times: Christine Quinn has a temper

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