North Korea: US ‘cowardly’ attacked our Internet

9ecb2 North Korea: US ‘cowardly’ attacked our Internet

The North’s KCNA News reports that “Intensive and persistentvirus attacks are being made every day” on Internet serversowned and operated by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.And although the agency has neglected to publish any proofsuggesting whom the guilty parties may be, South Korean andAmerican agents are suspected as culprits.The news comes within days of a telephone conversation betweenUS President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart in which thetwo leaders discussed “the need for close coordination withChina to ensure North Korea meets its denuclearizationcommitment,” according to a readout of the call obtained by TheHill. Elsewhere in the discussion, Pres. Obama brought up the“importance of addressing cyber-security threats, whichrepresent a shared challenge” between both the US andChina.North Korea’s KCNA reports of the alleged cyberattack, “Thereare very disturbing developments against the backdrop of the evermounting moves of the US and its allies to stifle the DPRK.“It is nobody’s secret that the US and South Korean puppetregime are massively bolstering up cyber forces in a bid tointensify the subversive activities and sabotages against theDPRK,” adds the agency.KCNA goes on to call the alleged attacks “cowardly” and“despicable,” and says, “The US and its allies should beheld wholly accountable for the ensuing consequences.”The alleged cyberattacks being blamed on the US and South Koreainvolve the downing of several official state websites this week,as well as a wave of mysterious disruptions that have made Internetaccess intermittent at some times, and not existent at all duringothers. The websites of the KCNA news agency and the officialRodong Sinmun newspaper also say they were hit in the attacks. Atechnology writer for the Associated Press reports out of Seoul,South Korea that Loxley Pacific Co., the broadband Internetprovider for North Korea, is investigating a cyberattack thecrippled servers in Pyongyang, NK.South Korea has refuted the allegations, adds the AP, and the USmilitary has declined to comment. But while North Korea has yet topublish any evidence that would confirm their allegations, a memberof the country’s military says an attack on the nation’s computersis likely in response to a recent nuclear test.”The US thinks that only it can have nuclear weapons. But wehave nuclear weapons for justice, and for the sovereignty of ourcountry,” the AP says Lt. Ri Yong Kwon of the North’s KoreanPeople’s Army said Friday.Another source speaking to the newswire thinks differently,though, and suspects Chinese hackers could be to blame.”There are many Chinese Internet users who have expressedtheir hatred of North Korea these days. I think it’s more likelythat some of them launched cyberattacks on North Koreanwebsites,” says Lim Jong-in, dean of Korea University’sGraduate School of Information Security in Seoul, SK. “Many inChina know much more about North Korea’s IT environments.”In response to recent nuclear exercises, the United Nations haveimposed sanctions on the North. Earlier in the week, a North Koreanpropaganda video that depicts life in the West as rampant withhomelessness and decrepit conditions circulated the Web. TheWashington Post notes that he original version of the videoincludes a reference to the Sandy Hook shooting and was uploadedunder the name, “The dark reality of capitalist societies.”

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North Korea: US ‘cowardly’ attacked our Internet

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