NRA Warns San Jose Against Stricter Gun Laws

Lawyers for the National Rifle Association and California Rifle and Pistol Association have warned San Jose, Calif., city council members not to consider stricter gun laws.The warning came after the pro-gun lobbying groups learned of a proposal to tighten controls on assault weapons submitted by a retired attorney, who said he wants to prevent “unusual, occasional, but increasingly common tragic situations like what happened in [Newtown,] Connecticut.”Sean Brady, the lawyer representing the NRA and state Rifle and Pistol Association, wrote in a letter that the city shouldn’t consider the proposed ordinance because it conflicts with state law. “In light of the legal preemption issues, I would hope the San Jose City Council recognizes that, as a legal matter, the Proposed Ordinance cannot pass muster,” Brady said in the letter. “In fact, every other city that had an ordinance like [this one] has repealed the ordinance in recognition of this. San Jose’s Proposed Ordinance should, like those other ordinances, be repealed.” Read More…
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NRA Warns San Jose Against Stricter Gun Laws

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