Obama “completely conquers” Israel

JERUSALEM — President Barack Obama’s address to the Israeli people, delivered a mere two months after starting his second term in office, may herald a new direction for American foreign policy.Clearly aware of first term missed opportunities in the relationship with America’s closest Mideast ally, Obama chose to crown his two day trip to Israel and the Palestinian Authority with a passionate, forceful speech addressed to a group of more than 2,000 Israelis.Whereas for the Obama administration the trip, and the speech, may represent a gamble on a second term commitment to the thorny problem of an Israeli-Palestinian peace, for Israelis it was a chance to see, up close and personal, a man who had remained for them a cipher.Immediately following the address, Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, blogged, “I spoke to several members of the audience, who confirmed my impression that Israelis just wanted to know that he liked them. It’s hard to understand this from the US, but the idea really did take hold here that Obama genuinely hated Israel. So this whole trip is a bit of a revelation for ordinary Israelis.”Continue Reading…

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Obama “completely conquers” Israel

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