Obama launches long-awaited climate plan

5e35mf Obama launches long awaited climate plan

5e35mf Obama launches long awaited climate plan



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President Barack Obama has carried out a second-term inaugural pledge to act on climate change by announcing a plan to curb US power plant emissions.

Speaking at Georgetown University he also vowed to block a controversial pipeline from Canada if it boosted greenhouse gases:

“As a president, as a father and as an American, I am here to say that we need to act now. Low carbon clean energy economy can be an engine for growth for decades to come and I want America to build that engine. I want America to build that future right here in the United States of America, that is our task.”

Obama’s plans have already drawn criticism: US power plants, the bulk of which burn coal say they will be badly hit by the carbon limits and the Republicans, who scuppered a previous attempt to cut greenhouse gases, have accused him of advancing policies that will harm the economy.

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Obama launches long-awaited climate plan

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