Obama’s push to cut SS annoys Dems, fails to move GOP

If the president offered up entitlement reforms, but no one but his increasingly annoyed friends seemed to notice, would it make a grand bargain? That’s the predicament Barack Obama finds himself in as he works towards ending sequestration and finding a comprehensive compromise to reduce the deficit that he seems to have his mind set on.Later today, he’ll meet with House Republicans for the first time in two years in what is sure to be a tense summit. But his meeting yesterday with Senate Democrats had its own antagonism, according to reports, as liberal Democrats hammered the president over his offer to cut social safety net entitlement programsThe Hill’s Alex Bolton and Justin Sink report that while Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid, warned the president that he couldn’t count on their support for Social Security cuts, “Obama stood firm.”“Most of the conversation I caught was on Social Security,” Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said of the closed-door meeting. Obama has proposed shaving benefits by changing the way inflation is calculated in Social Security cost of living adjustments to the so-called chained or superlative CPI.Continue Reading…


Obama’s push to cut SS annoys Dems, fails to move GOP

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