Obama’s White House: Still white, overwhelmingly male

January has brought a wave of Republicans gleefully calling out Democrats for the Obama administration’s maleness and whiteness. They’re hypocrites, still stung by the “war on women” and “binders full of women” and the fact that Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann didn’t constitute a special diversity shield. But even hypocrites can be right sometimes, as a recent New York Times number-crunch backs up.Diversity in any sense is something that doesn’t really happen unless you try, and if the Obama administration is trying with its top-level appointments, other priorities have clearly trumped it. This doesn’t have to be because of a conspiracy: A lifetime of seeing almost exclusively white men as authority figures has a way of perpetuating itself, and without much self-examination or effort, people tend to go with a certain comfortable framework. (This is true despite the president being a black man; as anyone who has worked for a woman or a person of color who was the first to stake out a spot on hostile turf can tell you, racism and sexism aren’t exclusively white male phenomena.) But it’s a still problem that needs to be talked about, over and over again, until something changes.Continue Reading…

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Obama’s White House: Still white, overwhelmingly male

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