Opposition MP faces treason charges over US visit

e80eition mp faces treason charges over us visit22 Opposition MP faces treason charges over US visit

“I will seek to arrest Gudkov Jr. and strip him of hisparliamentary powers for high treason,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky toldthe press on Tuesday. “He went to the USA that is preparing a waragainst our country, he went there, he bowed to them, and heldnegotiations,” the LDPR leader claimed.Zhirinovsky added that Gudkov represents the Russian authoritiesand cannot travel to foreign countries by himself and holdnegotiations. “If a US congressman came to Russia and held talkshere, like Gudkov did in the US, this congressman would be arrestedimmediately upon his return,” Zhirinovsky said.The emotional outburst took place shortly after the mediareported that Dmitry Gudkov, a Lower House MP representing thecenter-left opposition party Fair Russia, traveled to the UnitedStates and took part in a forum organized by the Freedom Housegroup. Gudkov’s speech was reportedly dedicated to corruption andways of countering this problem in his home country.Fair Russia leader Sergey Mironov told the press that he was notaware of Gudkov’s trip and that the MP had not consulted him overthe planned speech at the Freedom House forum.After the news broke out a group of parliamentarians from themajority United Russia party and the populist opposition LDPRsuggested a change in Lower House rules to ban MPs from makingtrips abroad during the so called “regional weeks” – the periodwhen the deputies make visits to Russian regions. If it isimpossible to change in regulations the MPs said they will pressfor a separate law introducing the rule.In addition, the Russian Public Chamber said it intended tocheck the sources of the funds that Gudkov used for his trip to theUS.Dmitry Gudkov says he paid for the trip himself, and that theflight and accommodation cost him $1500 and that he was ready toforward all necessary proof to the public chamber.Gudkov said in a radio interview that he held nothing againstVladimir Zhirinovsky who was seeking his arrest, adding that hewould like to thank the man for attracting attention to the problemof corruption.

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Opposition MP faces treason charges over US visit

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