‘Our America': Lisa Ling Reports On Childhood Obesity

For the first time in U.S. history, the youngest generation is expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents — the result of childhood obesity. In the latest episode of “Our America with Lisa Ling” — entitled “Generation XXL” — Ling travels to the state of Georgia, where 40 percent of children are dangerously overweight.

In this clip, we meet Ramsey, who is 13 years old and one of the children at risk for health problems because of her current weight. “It’s frustrating… if you can’t fit into clothes,” she says. “Or you can’t do what other kids can do.”

Her single mother of three, Virginia, says that Ramsey’s weight increased by 20 pounds in one year — and that that was the tipping point for her. She has since changed her children’s eating and exercise habits, and says, “It’s not about the weight. It’s about being healthy.”

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‘Our America': Lisa Ling Reports On Childhood Obesity

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