‘Parenthood': Kristina Makes A Dramatic Decision While Battling Cancer (VIDEO)

NBC wasted no time jumping into the final four episodes of Season 4 of “Parenthood.” The New Year kicked off with a new look for Kristina, who made a bold decision in her battle with cancer. After realizing that the chemotherapy was starting to take her hair, Kristina decided to take matters into her own hand and she shaved her head.”It’s one thing [for you] to know that you have something, but it’s another to walk around and have everybody in the world know,” showrunner Jason Katims told TVLine.After reacting poorly — and from shock — upon seeing his wife without hair, Adam tries to make amends by buying her a new wig. The red locks attract the attention of a younger man, which helps Kristina feel better about the situation. There are no easy answers in this situation, and in true “Parenthood” fashion, the show simply shows the complexities of what the characters are going through, and keeps it as real as possible.Read More…
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‘Parenthood': Kristina Makes A Dramatic Decision While Battling Cancer (VIDEO)

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