Paris teen attack: Four arrested

9ee4mf Paris teen attack: Four arrested

9ee4mf Paris teen attack: Four arrested



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Police have arrested four people in connection with an attack that killed a teenager in Paris. Those in custody are three men and a woman.

Clement Meric, who was 18, was allegedly attacked by a group of skinheads – one wielding a knuckle-duster – during which his head struck a pavement. He had been attending a clothing sale with friends near St Lazare train station in the French capital.

Left-wing activist Meric was declared brain dead in hospital and died on Thursday afternoon.

An eyewitness described the ferocity of the attack, saying: “There were several people beating him, many people tried to intervene. He had blood coming out of his nose and ears and started having convulsions. Then they ran away.”

Interior Minister Manuel Valles condemned the attack, along with political groups from both left and right. The main far-right party, the National Front describing it as “appalling”.

Demonstraters gathered outside the Paris Institute of Political Studies, where Meric was a student, to express their grief. One student said: “Right now is a time for mourning, it’s a disaster, for this young man, for his family, it’s very disturbing”

Further demonstrations have been called for by left-wing groups as Parisians try to comprehend such violence in their streets.

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Paris teen attack: Four arrested

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