Paris teen brain damaged in political attack

8d54mf Paris teen brain damaged in political attack

8d54mf Paris teen brain damaged in political attack



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An 18-year-old has been left brain dead after an attack by neo-Nazi’s in Paris.

Left-wing activist Clement Meric, was attending a clothing sale with friends when approached by a group of three skinheads.

The group, including one woman, left and returned as Meric was leaving the sale. They attacked him and he struck his head on a pavement.

Teen Meric was taken to a Parisian hospital where he was declared brain dead on Wednesday night.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has stressed the importance of finding those responsible, stating;

“Beyond thoughts for the young boy and his family, beyond the indignation and strong condemnation, the most important thing now is the arrest of the perpetrators of this violence”

Police are treating the attack as politically motivated though no groups have taken responsibility for the attack.

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Paris teen brain damaged in political attack

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