Pelosi to Salon: They had to take me down

You remember the Republicans’ 2010 midterm campaign message: Nancy Pelosi, engulfed in flames, demon-like. Nancy Pelosi, in charge, bossing you around with her crazy liberal values. An official “Fire Pelosi” bus tour” sponsored by the RNC, and the spectre of her leadership invoked in ad after ad.All of this was a key Republican strategy in taking back the House, and while there were lots of reasons the Democrats lost and Pelosi was dethroned, it achieved the desired result. As the next big electoral battle will be control of the House in 2014, and a Democratic win would presumably put Pelosi back in charge, expect to see more Pelosi bogeyman-ing.”It didn’t bother me, I figured they thought I was effective and therefore they had to take me down,” Pelosi told Salon at the premiere Thursday night of “Fall to Grace,” her daughter’s HBO documentary on former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey. Still, she worries about the message it sends to other women who might be considering a run.Continue Reading…

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Pelosi to Salon: They had to take me down

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