Plutocrat Rattner Disturbed By Sequester, Canceling of Son’s Possible Govt Internship.

e452rattner1 Plutocrat Rattner Disturbed By Sequester, Canceling of Sons Possible Govt Internship.

Was it Milton Friedman who said – with great sadness, no doubt –
that “there is no free brunch?”
How tough is it out there now that the sequester is in, what, a
second week?
Here’s the lowdown from Steven Rattner,
the plutocrat named by Barack Obama to oversee the
government’s ;illegal, ;unprofitable,
and sadly bipartisan ;auto bailout.

For the record, Rattner is, according to a 2009 Bloomberg
Businessweek article, “worth
at least $188 million.”
You know what? When my kid can’t apply for a summer internship
program at the federal government due to automatic spending
reductions, it’s a recession. But when the son of a guy
worth at least $188 million, who appears on Morning Joe
alot, and is on a first-name basis with the president can’t apply
to a Defense Department young lords internship programme – let me
tell, that’s a depression.
And it’s not just limited to Rattner, whom Businessweek
said could be worth more than $600 million. No, this rotten economy
has fallen like snow on the rich and even the merely incredibly
wealthy alike, as a subsequent Rattner tweet made plain:

If you want to follow Rattner’s real-time tweeting of life among
the 1 Percent of the 1 Percent – or if you want to show your
solidarity by telling him your kids’ problems
– ;send him a tweet
at @SteveRattner. If your net worth is high enough, I’m sure
he’d like to hear your kids’ tale of woe.
And for even more true tales of desperation from the sequester –
no White House tours! reduced budgets for military bands! ;-
read “5
Scenes from a Sequestered America.”
Related: “Now
Dems worry: Did President Obama Cry Wolf?”

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Plutocrat Rattner Disturbed By Sequester, Canceling of Son’s Possible Govt Internship.

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