Poll: Even Bruce Springsteen would lose to Chris Christie

A new PPP poll shows that Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., is so popular right now that he’d even beat out Bruce Springsteen in a reelection race – though he’s not doing quite as well as a potential contender for president in 2016.According to PPP,  Christie, who recently filed for reelection in 2013, is beating out all possible Democrat opponents, including the very popular Newark Mayor Cory Booker. PPP reports:He leads Cory Booker 50-36, Richard Codey 53-31, Steve Sweeney 57-20, and Barbara Buono 60-20. Against Sweeney and Buono Christie actually wins the Democratic vote, something I don’t think PPP has ever found a candidate in any contest we’ve ever polled doing across party lines.In a hypothetical matchup against Springsteen that PPP threw in there “just for fun,” Christie is leading by a 61-25 percent margin.As for 2016, 44 percent of voters say Christie shouldn’t run, and only 38 percent say he should.Continue Reading…

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Poll: Even Bruce Springsteen would lose to Chris Christie

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