Pro-Israeli lobby losing grip on Washington?

Israel could become the first-ever nation to enjoy the officialstatus of America’s “major strategic ally”. The proposedlegislation will be among the issues discussed on Sunday – when theAmerican-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) gathering kicksoff in Washington.The Israeli lobby will push to persuade US politicians tosupport its agenda in the Syrian conflict as “Israel will belooking to seize the Golan Heights and keep it as a ‘securityzone,’” Henningsen said.But for the first time in seven years the gathering will not beattended by the US President or the Israeli Prime Minister.Patrick Henningsen, a geopolitical analyst, told RT that the lobby is slowly losing itsinfluence in Washington.RT: If Israel cements this alliance with the US, wherewould America draw the line in terms of keeping its boisterous allyin check?Patrick Henningsen: Well, this latest diplomatic move, asyou know and as everyone can see…  What is really happeninghere is that Israel has re-entered the fray as a politicalspoiler.  Because, as we know the US – and some noises arecoming out of Washington – there is quite a large contingent withinthe United States that is looking perhaps to get into diplomaticnegotiation with Iran and not be talking abrasively as they have inprevious years.And Israel has entered the fray. The Israeli lobby is reallyputting pressure on those politicians in America to take a moreIsraeli line, which is a more hardcore line that has to do perhapswith inflaming war with Iran.RT: How would bolstering strategic ties with Israelaffect America’s standing in the Arab world? Could the US be leftto deal with severe consequences because of Israel’s politicalambitions?PH: I don’t think so. Look at the Arab world as a whole,the structure of the Arab League. Saudi Arabia and Israel don’thave any problems with each other as we know, because those twocountries are more concerned with… Well Saudis’ concern is money,and security and stability. And Israel and Saudis act as a propercounterweight for each other in the Middle East.But there is not going to be a massive change. The big changehere, what we’re looking at here is a shift. There is a shift awayfrom this of kind of blind allegiance to Israel that is on CapitolHill in Washington DC.There are splits appearing, because Americans are realizing thatit is not in their best interest, it is not in American interests,to follow Israel’s agenda. Therefore, it is not beneficial forAIPAC to be running the government in Washington any more, as theyhave in the past thirty years.RT: International nuclear talks with Iran have seen aglimmer of hope because more talks are ahead. What kind of impactwould a reinforced US-Israeli partnership have on attempts to findcommon ground?PH: It will have a negative impact. What Israel is tryingto do here – notice how Israel has laid very quiet during theSyrian uprising and that is because Israel was looking for itschance to get what it can from this particular unrest north of itsborder in Syria.And what Israel is looking for? What Israel is always lookingfor is to increase its land holdings. So, Israel will be looking toseize the Golan Heights and keep it as a “security zone” forIsrael’s defense.And of course, in the Golan Heights we have oil licenses, whichhave come into the news in recent weeks. Also we have waterresources which Israel needs very badly. So, it there is a bit ofopportunism with regards to Israel in Syria.And of course the deal with Iran is also just to keep America ina permanent state of conflict over in the Middle East as well.RT: What about the financial side of this? We’ve seenspending cuts take effect in the US, so where would the money tosupport Israel’s agenda come from?PH: As everyone knows by now, AIPAC, the cost of theirinfluence over Washington is approximately $1 billion. They writeout a check for every congressman and senator who is running foroffice, not just the ones that win.  They back everybody, sothat they are loyal to Israel. The whole guise is also to guarantee military aid, which is freemoney, around $4 billion a year in total. This is a giant moneylaundering operation where money is circulated between the UnitedStates and Israel and that is paid for by the US taxpayer.

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Pro-Israeli lobby losing grip on Washington?

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