Rand Paul filibustering Brennan

Escalating his war with the administration over civil liberties and drone stikes, Sen. Rand Paul took the Senate floor today to engage in a rare talking filibuster in opposition to CIA nominee John Brennan.”I will do everything I can to stop him, and I told him I will filibuster it,” Paul said Sunday night. “Unfortunately I am not enough. You know, it takes 41. And we could not hold 41 together on the Hagel nomination. So my guess is I will not get 41.”This afternoon, he made good on that promise, declaring on the floor that he is filibustering Brennan and would speak at the podium as long as he could. In the modern era, senators don’t actually need to speak on the Senate floor to filibuster, but some do it as an added protest, most famously Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2010.Continue Reading…

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Rand Paul filibustering Brennan

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