Rebels routed as Syrian army retake Qusair

b2ccmf Rebels routed as Syrian army retake Qusair

b2ccmf Rebels routed as Syrian army retake Qusair



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The Syrian army backed by Hezbollah fighters have retaken the key town of Qusair.
Syrian state TV claims many rebels have been killed or captured.

The Free Syrian Army say most of their soldiers fled overnight unable to withstand the onslaught.The town, close to the Lebanese border, has been the focus of intense fighting for the last two weeks.

Syrian military claim weapons from the US and Turkey were left behind as the rebels were routed.

The Syrian army sees the victory as a sure sign that the tide has turned and they will soon regain control of the country.

In a statement read out on state TV the army said: “This is a clear message to all those who share in the aggression on Syria that we will continue our string of victories until we regain every inch of Syrian land.”

The Red Cross says it is alarmed by the worsening humanitarian situation in Syria and appealed for immediate access to deliver aid.

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Rebels routed as Syrian army retake Qusair

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