Report: Sex addiction is B.S.

477fmf Report: Sex addiction is B.S.

Here comes the latest entrant to the contentious debate over sex addiction — and, boy, is it a sassy one. The paper, unambiguously titled, “Inventing Sex: The Short History of Sex Addiction,” begins with the following quote from … an episode of “Louie”: “Tiger Woods claims to be addicted to sex. Bullshit! These are hot women he was having sex with. If he was having sex with a dead chicken, I’d say, wow, that guy is addicted to sex.”

That should alert you that this particular report, published in the March issue of the journal, “Sexuality & Culture,” isn’t an objective scientific study. It’s a paper by cultural historians at the University of Auckland, New Zealand that attempts to document the growth of the concept of sex addiction. So, take it for what it’s worth. With that, allow me to present you with the paper’s pull-no-punches thesis:

We argue that this strange, short history of social opportunism, diagnostic amorphism, therapeutic self-interest, and popular cultural endorsement is marked by an essential social conservatism–sex addiction has become a convenient term to describe disapproved sex.

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Report: Sex addiction is B.S.

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