Retire Abroad: 5 Southeast Asian Countries With Low Cost Of Living

Wendy Justice was only 5 years old when she first fell in love with Southeast Asia. The love affair was sparked by her grandparents’ stories and photos following a trip to Thailand. “I found the architecture to be amazing, and the culture was fascinating,” Justice remembered. As an adult, Justice got to experience the beauty of the region first hand during a three-week vacation when she was 49. “I was so sad when I had to return!”Now 59, Justice has found her way back to the area … as a retiree. She and her husband David, 54, have retired abroad, traveling around Southeast Asia for the last seven years. The two retired nurses have left the States in favor of a peripatetic lifestyle, calling various cities like Chiang Mai, Thailand and Nha Trang, Vietnam home for a few weeks or months at a time.”At this time, I am in Malaysia, but will be going to Thailand in a couple of weeks and plan to spend the winter in Hanoi, [Vietnam's capital],” Justice said via email. “I’m not your typical retiree in that regard. I find the entire area so interesting that I haven’t made the decision to settle down permanently in one location.”Read More…
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Retire Abroad: 5 Southeast Asian Countries With Low Cost Of Living

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