“Revolution” returns, lazy as ever

375amf “Revolution” returns, lazy as ever

“Revolution,” NBC’s hit drama about what happens when all the electricity in the world goes out, returned from a four-month hiatus last night. “Revolution” took its break after airing  just 10 episodes. NBC said it didn’t want to string very few episodes out over a four month gap— and four months would give the show some time to up its quality level up.  “Revolution” had an audience and an interesting premise, but as I lamented when it first premiered, it put that premise to boring, anodyne ends, making one dull blond girl do stupid things while hunting for her dull blond brother while everyone wore a clean, muted-color Henley shirt in an environment not as specific or strange or scary as a post-apocalyptic, electricity-less world would really be. (And don’t get me started about how QVC the mechanisms that can turn the electricity back on look.)Continue Reading…


“Revolution” returns, lazy as ever

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