Rob Portman ‘Fix The Debt’ Presentation Disrupted By Protesters (VIDEO)

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) was shouted down by a large group of demonstrators Tuesday, temporarily preventing him from delivering an address at a “Campaign to Fix the Debt” roundtable in Washington, D.C.BuzzFeed reports that Portman had prepared a speech about the importance of following Republican-backed plans to reform the tax code in order to bring about a longer-term solution to prevent deficit reduction measures, such as the fiscal cliff, from becoming commonplace. As he stood before the crowd however, four protesters took turns touting the importance of Medicare and Social Security and arguing against steps to slash the programs.As additional hecklers stood up to tell their stories, authorities reportedly came forward to remove the dissenters from the event, which spurred a mass exodus among demonstrators chanting,”We want to grow, not slow, the economy!”Read More…
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Rob Portman ‘Fix The Debt’ Presentation Disrupted By Protesters (VIDEO)

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