Rommel’s demise: Son’s letter reveals details of general’s death

8b64erwin marshal german rommel Rommel’s demise: Son’s letter reveals details of general’s death

German Marshal Erwin Rommel (AFP Photo/STF)A letter documenting the last moments in the life of one of the best-known German World War II commanders, Erwin Rommel, also known as the Desert Fox, has been discovered. The general’s then-15-year-old son made the record.The letter documents the events moments after Erwin Rommel was taken away to his death in October 1944, The Daily Mail reports. It reveals that the general was accused of plotting to kill Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and ordered to commit suicide by taking a cyanide pill in exchange for guarantees that his family would not be prosecuted. Two generals took the Desert Fox into a service car. Minutes later, Rommel’s wife received a phone call informing her of her husband’s death. Rommel, who scooped the reputation of one of the most respected Nazi field commanders in World War II, died in just five seconds. Rommel junior’s letter, written in English and dating April 27, 1945, emerged after it was auctioned as part of an archive of wartime memorabilia. The archive belonged to Captain Noel Chavasse, the adjutant officer to British army commander Sir Bernard Montgomery. “At 12 o’clock my father received the two generals. About three quarters of an hour after that I met my father just coming out of my mother’s room. He then told me… that Adolf Hitler had given him the choice between taking poison or being brought before the People’s Court,” the two-page letter reads. “Adolf Hitler had also let him know that in the event of his committing suicide, nothing was to happen to his family.”Rommel is still seen as a humane Nazi commander. He reportedly ignored orders to kill war prisoners, Jewish soldiers and civilians, while his German Africa Corps was never accused of war crimes.


Rommel’s demise: Son’s letter reveals details of general’s death

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