Russia to issue commemorative Olympic 100 rouble banknote

35e4russia to issue commemorative olympic banknote Russia to issue commemorative Olympic 100 rouble banknote

“For the first time the Bank of Russia will release acommemorative Olympic bill, and for the first time the picture isvertically oriented,” said first Deputy Chairman of the CentralBank of Russia Georgy Luntovsky, according to RIA Novosti NewsAgency.The design of the banknote was revealed at a presentation atKrasnaya Poliana in Sochi. The banknote’s designer is a student ofthe Repin Institute of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, PavelBushuev , who won a contest to design the banknote.The blue tinted banknote depicts a flying snowboarder on oneside, and on the other – the Olympic Stadium and a firebird. Aspart of another innovation the banknote will be released in anoriginal gift box, according to Luntovsky.10 million banknotes will be released into circulation inRussia,  said Luntovksy. He added that it is notexpected to be sold like Olympic commemorative coins, except for asmall which will be made with a souvenir gift box, RIA novostireports.The first Olympic banknotes appeared in China for the OlympicGames in Beijing in 2008. The Bird’s Nest stadium and ancient Greekdiscus thrower statue, the Diskobolus of Myron, were emblazonedacross a 10 Yuan note. The circulation of the Chinese Yuan was 14million. Russia intends to maintain this tradition, according theCentral Bank.A hundred roubles is equal to about $3.30.

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Russia to issue commemorative Olympic 100 rouble banknote

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