Russia weighs “financial surveillance” over officials convicted of corruption

612bncial surveillance over officials convicted of Russia weighs “financial surveillance” over officials convicted of corruption

The bill has been prepared by United Russia MP Ilya Kostunov. Hesays that while the number of solved corruption crimes is growing,it is still rare when the state can get back what was embezzled. Asa result, billions of roubles simply vanish without a trace. At thesame time the criminal responsibility for economic crimes is beingseriously mitigated and after serving a short prison term thecriminals can freely use the funds they have concealed, Kostunovconcluded.To prevent this, the MP prepared a draft law that introducesfinancial surveillance over such criminals – if it is passed theywould have to declare all their income and spending for five yearsafter getting out of prison.“If it appears that the ex-convict or any of his familymembers have some property or funds the origin of which they cannotexplain, these assets would be seized from them by a court and usedas compensation,” Kostunov stated.The draft law has been sent to Russian law enforcement and thejudiciary for consideration, and if approved it would be forwardedto the Lower House.Russia is currently waging a major anti-corruption campaignwhich was made a national priority in Vladimir Putin’s latestelection campaign.Investigators claim they had uncovered multi-billionembezzlement schemes in the DefenseMinistry, AgricultureMinistry, State-owned companies and banks, and otherplaces.The corruption scandals also led to the dismissal of DefenseMinister Anatoly Serdyukov, who has not been charged with anythingbut investigators say it can happen anytime soon. Two current LowerHouse MPs have been stripped of immunity over charges ofembezzlement and selling parliamentary seats.

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Russia weighs “financial surveillance” over officials convicted of corruption

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