Russian beats German as internet’s second most-used tongue

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Both Russian and German are used on 5.9 per cent of all websiteswith Russian slightly ahead, according to a web survey by the datacollecting website W3Techs. Following them are Spanish (4.7 percent), French (4.5 per cent) and Chinese (4.4 per cent). Englishremains the lingua franca of the net, with 54.7 per cent ofwebsites using it.“If we look at the trend in the last few years, is seems verylikely that Russian will stay at rank #2 for a while. Chinese wouldof course be the logical candidate to move up that far, but wedon’t see that yet in the statistics,” the website says.Russian is the most popular language in country-code domains offormer republics of the Soviet Union. At least three quarters andup to almost nine-tenths of websites there are in Russian. The samegoes for the .su, the domain of the ex-USSR itself, which issupposed to be phased out but continues to grow.Interestingly, Russian is not that popular on top sites. Onlysix of the 1,000 most-visited spots on the web are in Russian. Inthis regard it falls behind not only English, but also Chinese,French, German and Japanese, the report says.Some 64.4 million adult Russians, or 55 per cent of the totaladult population, used the internet at least once a month as of theend of 2012, according to a recent poll. The number grew by 11 percent over the year. The majority, 78 per cent, of internet users inRussia go online daily.

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Russian beats German as internet’s second most-used tongue

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