‘Scandal': Will Fitz Fight For Both His Presidency And His Marriage? (VIDEO)

“Scandal” spent this week’s episode in two different times. In the present, Fitz was fighting for his presidency after Mellie forged his signature and put everybody’s political and legal future in jeopardy. In the past, he was fighting to win the presidency over the stern disapproval of his father. That sequence in the past showed viewers when he and Olivia began to fall for one another, and it showed how Olivia came to go along with the idea of rigging the election to hand it to Fitz.In the present, he mustered up strength he didn’t have to not only address the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but he even did a press conference on television. The first one didn’t go so well, but he paced himself and was able to assuage any concerns the public might have had in him. Madame Vice President even groveled a bit in the end.The biggest bombshell was saved for the end, though, when Fitz was lying in bed. Mellie was telling him that his approval was sky-high and he could probably have anything he wanted in that moment. So he said he wanted a divorce.Read More…
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‘Scandal': Will Fitz Fight For Both His Presidency And His Marriage? (VIDEO)

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