Secret Service and FBI investigating leaked Obama financial records

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The website posted the Social Security Numbers, homeaddresses and phone numbers to an array of influential Americans onMonday, including first lady Michelle Obama, Vice President JoeBiden, actor Mel Gibson, US Attorney General Eric Holder, FBIRobert Mueller and others. Additionally, the hackers have posteddocuments that they perpetrate to be legitimate credit reports formany of the victims, including singer Beyoncé, rap artist Jay-Z andLos Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck, among others.When RT first ran a report on the website on Monday, less than adozen profiles were made public containing leaked information aboutthe individuals. By Wednesday, though, the website’s administratorshad published a total of 22 profiles on their site, includingdossiers on Donald Trump, former presidential contender Mitt Romneyand others.”We’ll take steps to find outwho did this, and if they’re within the boundaries of the UnitedStates, we’ll prosecute them,” LAPD Beck told reporters onTuesday.The Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose director was one ofthe nearly two-dozen individuals targeted so far on the site, hasalso confirmed that the agency has opened a probe into the hack, ashave the Secret Service, the law enforcement agency best known forprotecting the president but that is also tasked with mattersrelating to financial institution fraud, computer andtelecommunications fraud, false identification documents and accessdevice fraud.Equifax, a credit reporting agency, confirmed this week thathackers gained “fraudulent and unauthorized access” to thefinancial files of four high-profile targets, but declined tocomment much further.”We are aware of recent media reports pertaining tounauthorized access to files belonging to high-profile individuals.Equifax can confirm that fraudulent and unauthorized access to fourconsumer credit reports has occurred,” Tim Klein, a spokesmanfor Equifax, said in a statement.A spokesperson for a separate credit agency, TransUnion, tellsForbes that they “immediately launched an investigation” withinmoments of hearing about the leaked information.During an interview with ABC News filmed on Tuesday, USPresident Barack Obama said he was aware of the incident and thatthe appropriate authorities were investigating the file posted onthe website that is alleged to contain sensitive informationpertaining to the first lady.”We should not be surprisedthat if we’ve got hackers that want to dig in and have a lot ofresources, that they can access this information,” Obamasaid. “Again, not sure howaccurate but … you’ve got web sites out there that tell people’scredit card info. That’s how sophisticated they are.”

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Secret Service and FBI investigating leaked Obama financial records

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