Senate passes Democrat budget in all-night ‘vote-a-rama’

efb8us budget senate murray deficit Senate passes Democrat budget in all night ‘vote a rama’

Bringing together a mix of tax increases and spending cuts, themuch-anticipated budget squeaked out the doors of theDemocrat-controlled upper house by a margin of 50-49.The new budget, however, could barely be labeled a success forthe Democrats: no Republicans voted for the Senate plan, while fourDemocrats, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Kay Hagan of North Carolina,Mark Begich of Alaska and Max Baucus of Montana all voted againstit, saying the legislation does not go far enough towards taming USspending.The resolution anticipates a deficit of $566 billion in2023.The so-called Murray budget, named after Senate BudgetChairwoman Patty Murray, calls for an immediate supply-sideinjection of $100 billion dollars to jump-start the US economy, aswell as a halt to $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts, knownas sequestration.The plan also proposes to raise nearly $1 trillion in new taxrevenue over the next 10 years by closing tax loopholes on wealthyAmericans.Naturally, such proposed measures have attracted the wrath ofRepublicans and their wealthy constituents, which include manyinfluential corporations with deep pockets.Passage of the Democratic plan sets up a political showdown withthe Republican-dominated House of Representatives, which passed itsown budget plan on Thursday.The so-called Ryan plan, named after Senator Paul Ryan, callsfor deep cuts to government spending without the prospect ofraising taxes, as well as axing ‘Obamacare’, the cornerstone of theDemocratic leader’s presidency.”The House budget changes our debt course, while the Senatebudget does not,” said Senator Jeff Sessions, the topRepublican on the Senate Budget Committee.In an effort to appease their right-wing opponents, theDemocrats’ budget proposes to limit spending cuts on the Pentagon,the one government institution that the Republican Party does notmind inflating.The Senate Budget Chairwoman kept the focus on job growth andassisting those members of American society suffering most from theeconomic downturn.“The first priority of the Senate budget is creating jobs andeconomic growth from the middle out, not the top down,” Murraytold lawmakers in defending her budget plan. “With anunemployment rate than remains stubbornly high, and a middle classthat has seen their wages stagnate for far too long, we simplycannot afford any threats to our fragile recovery.”Although neither the Democrat nor Republican plan will likelybecome law, the dual proposals will lead to another round ofcongressional debates that could eventually lead to a budget billacceptable to both parties before heading to the desk of the USpresident.Passage of the Murray budget came after an all-night marathonvote that saw Senators debate some 562 filed amendments that theyhope to see attached to the new budget.

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Senate passes Democrat budget in all-night ‘vote-a-rama’

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