Send us your Dave Brubeck tracks!

Send your favorite YouTube clips with a 2-3 sentence introduction to We’ll compile the best submissions into a running eulogy for the jazz legend.Andrew Leonard, staff writer:The moment I heard Dave Brubeck had died, I went to YouTube to see if I could find my favorite track. The search was fruitless — I’d forgotten the song’s name, and the Brubeck riches of YouTube are so vast that you could get lost for days just listening to the master pianist.Which is something I’m sure many of us are doing right now. It’s one of the ways we memorialize dead musicians these days, by searching and sharing and linking, on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else. So let’s do it here at Salon too.Here’s the Koto Song” performed live in Germany in 1966. It is, as the first “top comment” on YouTube proclaims, “sex for your ears, plain and simple.”Continue Reading…

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Send us your Dave Brubeck tracks!

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