Smart forks for stupid people

Judging by the ennui flooding my Twitter feed from journalists covering the Consumer Electronics Show this week, nothing could be more dreary than getting your employer to send you to Las Vegas to hobnob at industry parties and be bludgeoned with the latest irrelevant developments in TV technology.And then there’s the smart fork.Yes, the smart fork, decribed by its creator, HAPILabs, as “a connected fork that helps you eat at the right time and right pace,” is the talk of CES.More words have been spent mocking the product than actually describing what it does, but as far as I can tell, the HAPIfork vibrates gently when it decides that you are eating too quickly. Data on the speed at which you are gorging yourself can also, of course, be uploaded to the Web, where, presumably, you can compare your ridiculous eating habits with your peers.Continue Reading…


Smart forks for stupid people

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