Snowden flees Hong Kong for Moscow

8ac8mf Snowden flees Hong Kong for Moscow

8ac8mf Snowden flees Hong Kong for Moscow



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The man on the top of the USA’s most wanted list, whistleblower Edward Snowden, has fled to Moscow, with reports that an ongoing flight to Cuba and then Venezuela is booked.

He left Hong Kong after the authorities there ruled that the American extradition demand had been incorrectly filed and did not comply with the law.

The local press reacted with shock as many had expected the former
National Security Agency contractor, who revealed the extent of covert American spying around the world, including illegal hacking of individuals, companies, and governments, would stay and fight extradition. It has been described as the biggest security leak in history.

It appears Snowden had help from the WikiLeaks organisation, which has supplied him with legal advisors for the flight, and helped him use a asylum-seeker’s route. Snowden is reportedly also accompanied by unidentified diplomats.

Snowden revealed the existence of the top-secret PRISM programme, which for years has been trawling the internet for personal details, hacking into accounts and computer systems, and engaging in cyber-espionnage.

Snowden has been charged in America with theft and spying

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Snowden flees Hong Kong for Moscow

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