Stay Tuned for Reason’s Webathon-Telethon, Today From 2-4 pm ET!

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we have been reminding
you these past two days, we are in the midst of our annual
week-long fundraising Webathon, in which
we ask you, dear readers, for a little tax-deductible scratch to
support the 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that makes our journalism
(and much else besides) possible. As the graphic over at the top
right of this page illustrates, we are nearing 20 percent of our
goal of netting 800 donations, for which you can receive everything
from a free gift subscription to a lunch with Nick Gillespie to
your very own personal tile at Reason’s new L.A. headquarters.
And starting at 2 pm ET today, you can watch and contribute to a
possibly gruesome experiment in technology, transparency, and
free-range ad-libbing, as we launch our first-ever Webathon
Telethon! Here’s how it will work:
Come back to this space beginning at 2 to watch a live-stream of
myself, Nick Gillespie, Kennedy, and a series of Reason all-stars
talk about our work, our future projects, and our dreams. WHILE WE
ARE ON AIR, and even before, we are happy to take on, read,
ridicule, and/or pantomime any and all questions and messages you
would like to share with our group audience. You can tweet your
questions & comments (preferably while indicating your giving
level!) to our @reason
account; do likewise at our Facebook page, or
send us an email at
See you in a half-hour!

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Stay Tuned for Reason’s Webathon-Telethon, Today From 2-4 pm ET!

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