Steve King didn’t build that

On a clear day in mid-August this year, Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, who faces one of the toughest reelection big of his career, mounted a stage at the State Fair and recounted a story about how he had an epiphany, one day in the mid 1970s, when he was an indebted newlywed: “I came back home that day and I said… Nobody’s going to take care of us. Nobody’s going to offer me that magnificent job. We’re going to have to earn it…. Three months later I started a business.” It’s a classic American story of self-reliance, and King added a uniquely Republican punchline: “And I didn’t realize that if I did that, I didn’t build that!” This was, of course, a clumsy quip on the (taken-out-of-context) Obama quote that would become the theme of the Republican National Convention and a symbol of everything the GOP stood for — building private industry without any help from the government.Continue Reading…

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Steve King didn’t build that

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