Stifled poet in India

Dear Reader,Greetings after my holiday vacation, which I spent straightening up the house. How glorious not to be thinking or writing! And yet, after only a few days, I began to miss your letters and the daily practice of responding.Hey, listen, if you are in the Bay Area, I will be participating in an unusual reading on Thursday night in Sausalito called “Pairings,” where prose writers and poets read each other’s work aloud. I love reading other people’s work aloud! And ever since elementary school, I have been very good at “reading aloud.”As I write I note with sadness yet another tragic shooting in America. I have not commented on the terrible events of the last few months partly out of mute shock and partly because they seem to arise from a derangement more the province of therapists and theologists than commentators. I acknowledge them, however, with a heavy heart and an outraged mind. Like the following letter writer, a budding poet trapped in engineering school, I just don’t know where to begin.Hey there, Cary. I don’t know where to begin.Continue Reading…

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Stifled poet in India

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