Sweden’s bike paths neglected after snowfall

A new survey shows the majority of Swedish municipalities prioritize ploughing roads over bike paths after snowfall, despite experts warning that this can create even more danger for motorists.’2012 was the best year ever': Zlatan (25 Dec 12)
Traffic woes as blizzard hits Sweden (23 Dec 12)
Icy roads snarl Swedes’ Christmas travels (22 Dec 12)

The survey was conducted by the Swedish cycling organization Cykelfrmjandet and insurance company If.Snow removal on bicycle paths is of great importance to traffic safety. Cyclists are at much higher risk of accidents than drivers when its snowy and slippery, said Ifs traffic safety expert Irne Isaksson-Hellman in a statement.Thats why its important municipalities begin to prioritize bike paths when removing snow, she said.Authorities ought to begin by clearing bike paths because its easier to drive a car in ten centimetres of snow and poorly ploughed streets, than it is to walk and bike on them, according to Cykelfrmjandet and If.If snow removal on bike paths is lacking, cyclists are forced onto the streets instead, creating a dangerous traffic situation for everyone, according to Cykelfrmjandets chairwoman Ccile Everett.Even so, the recent survey shows a positive trend for cyclists with 41 percent of Swedish municipalities responding that they prioritize bike paths. In 2011, only 34 percent responded the same.

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Sweden’s bike paths neglected after snowfall

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