Syrian forces re-take Golan Heights crossing

0bdbmf Syrian forces re take Golan Heights crossing

0bdbmf Syrian forces re take Golan Heights crossing



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Syrian government forces have recaptured a UN- monitored crossing in the Golan heights only hours after rebels claimed to have seized it.

Israeli military personnel are keeping a close eye on the situation as concerns are raised over yet another spillover from the Syria conflict.

The crossing near the city of Quneitra lies in the demilitarised zone patrolled by UN Peacekeepers.

The fighting could be seen from the Israeli-occupied side of the Golan Heights. Syrian forces responded to the rebels assault with tank fire and mortars.

Austria has announced it is withdrawing its 380 peacekeepers from the region amid reports of more shooting.

Israel is constantly on alert over the Golan Heights which it captured from Syria in 1967. It fears it could become a springboard for attacks by jihadi fighters involved in the Syria’s civil war.

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Syrian forces re-take Golan Heights crossing

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