Syrian sites on ‘World Heritage in Danger’ list

47camf Syrian sites on World Heritage in Danger list

47camf Syrian sites on World Heritage in Danger list



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UNESCO has added six Syrian sites to its ‘World Heritage in Danger’ list, saying the armed conflict there has made it impossible to protect them.

The ancient cities of Damascus and Aleppo were named. The medieval castle Crac des Chevaliers, near Homs was also included.

In Aleppo, fighters opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad resisted the push by government forces to re-establish control of the northern city.

Videos uploaded to the Internet purport to show gun-wielding rebels under shelling from state artillery.

In the outskirts of the capital Damascus, opposition fighters said they were facing a steady advance by Assad’s forces.

Many believe their only hope of winning the battle for the city lies in military aid from abroad.

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Syrian sites on ‘World Heritage in Danger’ list

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