Teachers Unions in Oregon Think You Don’t Need to Be Reminded About Possible Tax Hikes

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the Portland

The Oregon Education Association wants state legislators to
remove the notice on ballot envelopes warning voters of a potential
property tax hike in upcoming elections.

Union officials say the warning, which the law now requires to
be “boldly printed in red,” unfairly singles out property tax
measures and is not needed because the ballots themselves contain
clear information about proposed tax hikes.

That’s a pretty picayune concern for a teachers union, with no
obvious connection to its stated purposes, wouldn’t you say?
Whether or not one thinks it necessary to have that warning,
which was passed by state voters via Measure 50 in 1997. Why might
they care? Maybe so voters who don’t like increased taxes and thus
might not like other political concerns of teachers unions are less
likely to bother to vote?

“They do not want voters to know there is a tax vote on the
ballot because they know if they open it up and look at it, they’re
more likely to vote no,” said conservative tax activist Bill
Sizemore, who wrote the initiative for the tax warning back in the

Naah, says the union. We’re just sayin’ that the ballot doesn’t
need to be just sayin’, you know?

[Union spokeswoman Becca] Uherbelau said the teachers union is
not trying to depress turnout.
“Our history has shown that we have done a lot to increase voter
participation,” she said, noting that the union has frequently
spent money encouraging people to vote in local school levy and
bond elections.

Yes, teachers unions love people to get its people to vote the
way it wants them to vote. ;
Hat Tip:
Walter Olson.


Teachers Unions in Oregon Think You Don’t Need to Be Reminded About Possible Tax Hikes

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