Texas cop fired after shooting at suspect 41 times, killing him

Officer Patrick Tuter shot and killed Michael Vincent Allen onAugust 12, 2012, but he has only now been fired more than sixmonths later. He has spent the last half year on administrativeleave while the Garland Police Department conducted aninvestigation that has finally concluded this week.“Tuter has been fired because he was found in violation oftwo general orders of our department,” Garland PD spokespersonJoe Harn tells the Dallas Morning News. “He violated our pursuitpolicy as well as our use of force policy.”The events of last August occurred after Officer Tuter pursuedAllen, an unarmed 25-year-old, because he was wanted for runningfrom the police only days earlier. A high-speed chase ensued, andTuter followed Allen in his cruiser for around 30 minutes. At thatpoint, Tuter slammed into Allen’s pickup, reached for his gun andfired 41 shots.Only three of the few dozen bullets entered Allen’s body, but hedied nonetheless from gunshot wounds to the back, side and arm.“I don’t see anybody reacting like that,” the victim’sfather, Randy Allen, tells CBS 11 News. “41 shots, I mean, wasthe other police officers just standing there?””I can’t believe somebody didn’t tackle him and say, ‘Stop,that’s enough,’” he says. Speaking to NBC News, he adds thatthe officer’s use of force wasn’t just excessive. “It wasexcessive on top of excessive,” he says.According to the officer’s attorneys, “Tuter did feel in fearfor his life and was justified in firing his weapon.” Theestate of the victim is suing the officer for wrongful-death.Meanwhile, Tuter’s attorneys have been appealing the indefinitesuspension that was enacted in August and according to some reportwill appeal his termination.

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Texas cop fired after shooting at suspect 41 times, killing him

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