The “30 Rock” marriage debate: Liz Lemon, the Princess (Leia) Bride

Last night on “30 Rock,” Liz Lemon got married, which has us pondering the following questions: Is she a feminist sell-out, or just doing what’s right for her? Why are weddings the only happy endings? Does it have something to do with the fact that Liz was a sorry feminist to begin with? Willa Paskin and Tiger Beatdown’s Sady Doyle — who wrote the definitive Liz Lemon assessment — discuss. (We’ll be updating throughout the day.)Willa Paskin: I went into last night’s heralded episode of “30 Rock,” in which Liz Lemon marries Criss Chros feeling optimistic. Back in season two, in the amazing episode where Carrie Fisher played Rosemary, an older, lonely, unhinged lady writer who Liz might one day turn into, Rosemary yelled at Liz, “You’re never going to get married Liz! You’re married to your job!” Liz fled Rosemary’s rat-infested apartment in terror, partially of the rats, but more because of this bit of fortune telling. Marriage has never been antithetical to Liz Lemon’s desires or principles (such as they are), just as it’s not necessarily antithetical to feminism. Her problem has always been her partners, most of whom have been people she could hardly stand, let alone stand to have sex with. But Criss is a non-threatening, sweet, goofy catch and, if they really do want to adopt a baby (a whole other story line to have feelings about) getting married makes sense. Not all women have to want a husband and a baby, but not all TV characters don’t have to want them to make a point.Continue Reading…

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The “30 Rock” marriage debate: Liz Lemon, the Princess (Leia) Bride

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