“The Americans”: Rooting against America has never been so fun

“The Americans,” FX’s wonderfully sly, ass-kicking new spy show, premieres tomorrow night and stars Keri Russell (“Felicity”) and Matthew Rhys (“Brothers & Sisters”) as Elizabeth and Phil Jennings, two Russian sleeper agents under deep, deep cover in 1981 America. The two began training in the early ‘60s, learning to speak English with no accent, to kick ass with no survivors. Paired together in their early 20s, forbidden from talking in Russian to one another, and told not to share their real identities, they were sent off alone, together to the United States posing as a young married couple. More than a decade later, they are balancing top-secret, ultra-dangerous Cold War missions with two kids, a house in the D.C. suburbs, and a travel agency. Their arranged, fake marriage, full of resentment, disagreements and passion, and characterized by complete dependency and entanglement, looks not so dissimilar from a knotty, real marriage.

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“The Americans”: Rooting against America has never been so fun

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