The best and worst of the Super Bowl 47

ac61mf The best and worst of the Super Bowl 47

It had moments for the record books. Memorable ads. A scorching halftime show. An unexpected time out. And a wardrobe malfunction very different – yet infinitely more horrifying – than Janet Jackson’s ever was. It was the 47 th Super Bowl, and we put down our nachos long enough to rack up the best and worst of it.

The Bad

The Blackout

It was so strange, so unexpected, you could feel the audience and announcers not quite registering what was happening at first. When a surge knocked out half the power at the Super Dome minutes into the second half of the game – and moments after Jacoby Jones’ crazy spectacular return — it set off a frenzy of frantic ad-libbing from the booth, busywork stretching on the field, and jokey speculation on Twitter. Best response? Dave Weigel’s post halftime show theorizing that the stadium was not, in fact, ready for this jelly. 

Jim Nantz’s tie

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The best and worst of the Super Bowl 47

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