The BuzzFeed Inaugural Guide To Hometown Washington

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If you're coming to DC for the inauguration, forget what you think you know about the nation's Capitol.

WASHINGTON — So you’re coming to DC for President Barack Obama's second inauguration. You've got your warm mittens, your map of the relevant museums and historical sites and enough cash to get back and forth your hotel and the National Mall or Georgetown.

After all, that's the only place you'd want to go since the rest of the city is a wasteland of boring Anne Taylor pants suits or crack addled zombies murdering their way through the day, right?

Not so! Regardless of what certain people may have you believe, Washington is a wonderful, vibrant city full of great food, music, people, and more history than you can shake an upper east side ego at. Trust me, I'd know. This is my hometown.

So forget Ben's Chili Bowl (which is delicious) and Café Milano (which is not), forget the Lincoln Memorial and the Kennedy Center, and come see what Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton lovingly refers to as “Hometown Washington.”

Eat Breakfast Like A Gangster


Florida Ave Grill
1100 Florida Avenue NW Washington, DC 20009
(202) 265-1586

Before there was Avon Barksdale and the crew from The Wire, there was Rayful Edmund.

For Washingtonians who grew up in the region in the 1980s, Edmund continues to be a mythical, larger-than-life figure. In the minds of many residents, Edmund is equal parts ruthless gangster, pop icon, drug dealer, and Robin Hood-type hero.

As the old families who controlled the drug trade in Washington began to collapse, Edmund and his crew stepped in, flooding the streets with cheap crack and cheaper bullets.

According to legend, Edmund would regularly hold court at the Florida Ave. Grill, located just a few blocks off the historic U St. corridor.

Established in 1944, the Florida Ave Grill is one of the best soul food joints in D.C., and it’s a perfect spot to fill up before heading down to the mall for the festivities — or get over that banging post-inaugural hangover.

Catch A Show At The 930 Club

930 Club
815 V Street NW Washington, DC 20001
(202) 265-0930

The 930 club is a legendary institution in Washington. Originally located at 930 F St. NW — now home to a criminally sited J Crew store — the club was one of the homes for Washington’s hardcore punk scene in the 1980s. Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Government Issue, Scream and other influential acts cut their teeth in the clostrophobic former gentlemen’s club, as hundreds of sweaty, angry, awkward teens danced and drank away their aggressions.

In 1996, the club moved into another local punk rock venue, the WUST Radio Music Hall.

And while the 930 doesn’t normally put on hardcore shows in its new home on V St. in the U St. Shaw area, they’ve become one of the best music venues in the world with top bands playing almost nightly.

An added bonus for inaugural weekend? Thievery Corporation, one of Washington’s most successful musical acts ever, will be wrapping up a three-night run at the club Saturday.


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The BuzzFeed Inaugural Guide To Hometown Washington

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