The election that won’t end

Are you enjoying this election? If so, I have some good news: We as a nation will definitely continue arguing about it long after it finishes in two weeks. (If it manages to finish in one night!)Here’s the landscape two weeks out: Every conservative either believes or has decided to claim to believe that Romney is winning. He’s running away with this thing, all the momentum’s on his side, he’s obviously closing the deal, etc. The Drudge splash all day has been an Obama picture headlined “NEEDS A MIRACLE,” (Then you click through to an AP story that does not have anything in it about Obama “needing a miracle.”) The liberals, though, have decided that Romney is bluffing, faking confidence, and that he’s aided in this by a press that is wedded to a “Romney’s unstoppable momentum” narrative. (See: Mike Tomasky, Alec MacGillis, Jonathan Chait.) Statistically, the polls are split nationally and Obama retains a small but significant lead in enough states to win reelection. Nate Silver says the president has a 70% chance of winning, well down from his peak, but still better odds than Silver’s model gave him in parts of July and August.Continue Reading…

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The election that won’t end

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