The gun control president

942emf The gun control president

In a way, it was fitting that the cable news networks were forced by the drama in Big Bear to blow up hours of long-planned pre-State of the Union coverage Tuesday night. Only a few minutes before President Obama entered the House chamber did the news channels finally cut away from California, where it was becoming clear that Christopher Dorner had died inside a burning cabin, and return to Capitol Hill. His demise was confirmed in the middle of Obama’s speech.

Dorner, of course, is the embittered ex-cop who has terrorized southern California for the past week, posting a manifesto and kill list on line and apparently shooting four people to death. The details of Dorner’s rampage are unclear, and it’s possible that none of the new gun regulations now being debated in Washington could have prevented his spree. But the deadly conclusion of yet another episode of deadly, high-profile gun violence couldn’t have set the stage better for the most powerful section of the president’s speech.

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The gun control president

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