The man with the 3-D-printed gun

Before I saw Cody Wilson, the University of Texas law student who wants to give everyone in the world the power to 3-D-print their own AR-15 assault rifles, I had him pegged as no more than a run-of-the-mill Texas gun nut. I’d watched some of the videos he had produced to promote his efforts to 3-D-print high-capacity ammo magazines, and found his provocations mostly juvenile.But when I saw that he was speaking at SXSW I knew I had to see him. As I’ve written before, open-source 3-D gun printing is where the values of the information-sharing Maker community smack head on into the life-or-death political realities of gun control. When music became software, copying music became effectively impossible to stop. The same principle will hold true when guns become software.In Austin, where hacker libertarian values flourish under the Texas sun, I figured Wilson’s talk would be a hit that I couldn’t miss. My first surprise: The huge Grand Ballroom on the sixth floor of the Hilton was only about one-third full. This might have had something to do with the inexplicable decision of the SXSW organizers to have Wilson speak at the same time as a panel on “The Future of 3D Printing.” But the real surprise came later.Continue Reading…

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The man with the 3-D-printed gun

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